Give via our website

You can safely and securly give via our online give portal. Once you have set up your account (required the first time), you can easliy give online via our website at anytime.


Give via our app

Another option to give, is to use our Church Center app. Along with giving you several options that pertain to the life of New Hope (find small groups, pre check-in your kids to New Hope Kids, and more, you can also give. Setup instructions are shown below. Giving via our Church Center App is truely the most easy way to give period.

The Church Center App.

What is the Church Center App? Church Center is the public-facing side of our church’s Planning Center account. It integrates multiple platforms we have been using for years at New Hope. Platforms like “Services” (our service planning and volunteer mangagement site)…”People” (our church database) …”Giving” (Our online giving platform) ….”Groups” (our life group directory). The church center app ties all those services together and allows you to connect, give, check your kids in and more in a way thats never been done before. It’s FREE to use and super convenient. Download it today!   

Below is a step-by-step instruction to guide you to setting up the Church Center App on your mobile device. This setup only happens the first time you use the app. Every time after that, you simply open the app, click “give”, enter amout and your done. Its fast, secure and convienent.