This page is dedicated to keeping you informed as to our response and plan of action as is relates to the covid-19 virus. This situation continues to evolve daily, so we ask that you visit this page frequently or our Facebook page HERE. 

UPDATE:  June 8, 2020

STUDENTS: Wednesday, June 17, 7 PM

Graduates Celebration Dinner: All students (13-18) are invited to attend. RSVP required. Email:  [email protected]

New Hope’s Sunday Morning Worship and Full Blown Kids Ministry COME-BACK on:


– Children’s Ministry BACK! All age groups will be fully staffed and excited to see your children!  Be sure to come a few minutes early for “check-in” which helps us ensure your child’s safety!

– CAFÉ opens at 9 AM…come early for coffee, pastries, specialty drinks and FELLOWSHIP!

– ALL FATHERS will receive a FREE coffee and donut!

– ALL First Time Guest will receive a GIFT!

Back In The House!!!!!! (Covid-19 Update 5/14/20)


BACK IN THE HOUSE…. What to EXPECT when we gather in THE HOUSE this Sunday.   (It’s a bit long, but please read:))

We are very excited to be BACK IN THE HOUSE this Sunday, May 17. 

To ensure we are providing a SAFE, SECURE, SPACIOUS and SPECTACULAR experience, we believe the following information will assist all of us as we come together to worship over the next few weeks.  So HERE’S WHAT TO EXPECT!

Please remember the “new normal” will continue to evolve! Our New Hope Teams are committed to YOU… to make this journey together fun, memorable, safe and unforgettable! 

  • Our Sunday services will be a FAMILY service. No Kids ministries until further notice. 
  • Our building, seats and rails will have been completely “sanitized” before you arrive.
    • We will follow the Governor of Tennessee’s request in regards to the CDC guidelines and social distancing.  
    • If you have a fever, sore throat, cough, etc…..we ASK YOU TO WORSHIP WITH US ONLINE! 
  • Service will be 50 minutes or less. 
  • Doors OPEN at 9:30 am – Service begins at 10 am
    • PRE-service will begin at 9:40 am (Live on FB and New Hope Website) (You will not be bored while being seated:)
  • PARKING: Parking Guides will direct you to the parking areas.
    • We ask you stay in your car until a Parking Guide gives you the OK to move into the sanctuary. (We are working to avoid lines of people in close proximity for your safety) 
  • You will be directed  by a Parking Guide to enter the sanctuary through the SIDE SANCTUARY DOORS.
    • ALL lobby entrances are closed.
  • SEATING in the sanctuary
    • You will be greeted by an Aisle Guide who will assist you with seating. 
    • Aisle Guides will seat everyone FRONT TO BACK in families as you arrive. (To be seated together, your family will need to stay together as you enter the sanctuary.) 
    • We apologize, but we will NOT be providing any “reserved or requested seating.” 
    • Aisle Guides will seat people in every other row, with 3 seats between families in each row. 
    • An Aisle Guide will dismiss rows from BACK TO FRONT at the end of service.  We ask you to remain in your row until your row is directed to exit.
    • We ENCOURAGE everyone to use the restroom BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. 
    • We will provide access to the restrooms for emergencies (max. 4 at a time) 
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations as you enter the sanctuary. 
  • Offering Buckets will be provided on the same “stations” as you exit.
    • Offering Envelopes will be available as you arrive (handed to you with gloves) 
    • We are so thankful for your generous giving and encourage you to continue to give online as well! 
  • The Lobby will be CLOSED except for emergency restroom needs. 

We believe these simple guidelines will keep everyone safe and secure in our spacious areas….which will provide ALL OF US TOGETHER A SPECTACULAR worship experience BACK IN THE HOUSE! 

We can’t wait to ‘SEE’ you THIS SUNDAY!   (Pretend we’re giving you an “air hug!”

Pastors Tom and Brenda   

Covid-19 Update (5/1/20)

  • Drive In Service – Saturday May 2 at 11:00 AM in New Hope Parking Lot.
  • LIVE FaceBook AND on service, Sunday May 3, at 9:55 AM (Don’t forget to tune it at 9:55 to see pre-service and stay for post service Q&A with Pastor Tom)
  • UPDATE regarding “gathering together in the sancturay” COMING Wednesday May 6

Covid-19 Update (4/8/20)

Here is what is happening Easter weekend: 

Covid-19 Update (3/25/20)

Whats going on at New Hope (Social Distancing Editing)

Be sure to watch our online service on Facebook Live or our website at every Sunday at 10am.

Our youth (Project 7) have daily devotionals from our youth leadership team every day. You can find those HERE.

Check out our Project 7 Facebook page every Wedneday at 7pm to hear a word from one of our amazing leaders.

Our new Next Gen Pastor (Pastor Ben May) is bringing awesome kid appropiate lesson every day on our New Hope Kids Facebook page. Your kids are going to love it.

Zoom is a great way for our church leaders to stay in touch with you during this time. Below are instruction on how to use it. 

 In compliance with the new restrictions, we are suspending our regular worship gatherings through, at least, Sunday, April 5. In light of the other recommendations, we expect the suspension will likely need to be extended beyond that date. However, we want to remain hopeful while also recognizing the fluid nature of these guidelines. If any adjustments to these plans are needed, we will share those with you as soon as possible through our website, email, and social media. 

The thought of not gathering together with you all each week, up to this point, would have been unfathomable. We need each other. We need you. We need our church. So, we are praying diligently for God to work in mighty ways and ask you to join us in doing the same. In the meantime, we will continue to gather for worship online each Sunday at 10:00am at OR Facebook LIVE.  If you choose to use the Facebook platform, you will be able to interact with others in real time.  We will have many of our pastors and leaders on this with you.

In addition to our regular worship gatherings, we are also suspending all other on-campus ministries until further notice. Below, you will find information on our various ministry areas.

Covid-19 Update (3/17/29)

ALL SERVICES AND EVENTS on our New Hope campus ARE SUSPENDED until further notice!  (This includes Sunday, Wednesday, youth, kids, small groups, etc.)

– Small Groups – we encourage you to not meet but rather use online resources or:

  • Use ZOOM- ZOOM is a free app that can be downloaded onto your smart phone or desktop similar to facetime or skype.
  • Zoom is free for groups of up to 100 people or less for 40 minutes video time.  (Minimal cost for longer times or larger groups)

 – YOUTH, KIDS, ENCORE – Pastors for each area of ministry are posting videos with the latest updates, and are available for any needs or concerns you may have.


We are a generous house of worship and encourage you to give via online weekly as we continue to extend the Kingdom of God.  The church is not a building…it is the PEOPLE!

2 SIMPLE WAYS TO GIVE ONLINE:  (Easiest way to give is option 2, download APP)

Option 1. Give on our church website. Go to and click the “give” tab at the top right. You will then be directed to our giving platform. Simply log in or create an account…..input your credit/debit card info (you’ll only have to do this once to set up the account), then select the amount you wish to give and you’re done.

Option 2. Our Church Center APP. Download the “church center” app from either the apple or google play store. When you open it for the first time, if will ask you to “enable location services”….click “yes or enable”. Once you have done that, you should see “New Hope Church” pop up in the list. Select New Hope Church, use your email or phone # to log in and you’re ready to go. Click the “give” button at the bottom, input the information ….and the amount you wish to give!  .

Both of these options are through the same highly secure  company and only require you to input your account information the first time. So the next time you go to give, you just enter the amount, confirm, and you’re done. The APP makes this process super easy and convenient.

Covid-19 Update (3/14/20)

We will be having service in the morning (3/15) at 10 o’clock. Please watch the video below for more information. For those opting to stay at home, you can watch our service online HERE. To worship in giving, click this LINK.

This coronavirus situation is continuing to evolve. Be sure to visit our website or visit our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news as it pertains to our New Hope family.